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CSP is a specialist consultancy firm to a significant portfolio of 'best of breed', hand selected partners in a variety of industries across the world, where our common purpose is for the private sector to lead the industrialization process in Africa.


CSP sources sustainable solutions that harness the agriculture sectors of the country whilst enabling these countries to compete in the bio-energy race without losing its ability to feed it's own populous.

The Bio-diversification of agriculture has created significant financial incentives to expand energy crops, often at the expense of food crops, which has directly impacted on the price of food in these countries.

CSP Understands that Food security is today as important as energy. These two sectors have become more and more dependant on each other with the advent of bio-fuels.

Whilst we promote the export of produce from Africa to the rest of the world and invest in bio diesel markets this is achieved by land acquisition and the export of local produce, which creates vital wealth for Africa and loosens their dependency on aid.

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CSP works with a well-known aviation group in the UK. The group has a client base drawn from the financial service sector.

Principle Activities / Services:

  • Aircraft Acquisition
  • Aircraft Lease Management
  • Aircraft Remarketing
  • Aircraft Trading/Spares
  • Aircraft Wet Leasing-ACMI or Charter
  • Project Management - Airports / Construction
  • Security - Terminal - Passenger - Cargo
  • Training Simulators

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CSP is In partnership with a leading construction firm in the design and fabrication of light gauge steel frame and roof truss systems, combining state of the art engineering with own patented components and modern roll forming technology to produce sound structural systems. Fully supported franchise turn-key factories are available.

Current projects include:

  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Residential Homes

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A significant migration of skills to the west from Africa has left numerous countries without the basic skills needed to perform even the simplest medical procedures.

CSP's commercial relationship with multinational companies allow CSP to create a fund that is then channelled to Africa Health Trust who are mandated to manage scholarships with universities in African countries in order to secure and retain skills.

Our Scholarship fund helps local markets with severe skills shortages and simultaneously creates a valuable independent skills resource for manufacturers who are interested in specialist training solutions to the respective government sector or who wish to engage in field evaluation studies for new products/licensing and clinical trials.

Our long term objective is to create an academy where CSP is funding scholarships in each sector we operate in.

Africa Health Trust is the only, privately funded non-governmental organisation that currently retains nurses through a legally binding agreement endorsed by local governments in Africa.

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CSP and its energy partners are actively involved in exploration projects, in emerging markets. An energy sector advisory company involved in a full range of investment-related advisory services for the energy (power, oil and gas Sector).

  • Project due Diligence
  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Equity placement
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Project investments
  • Principle activities

Core strengths include the regulatory structure and an in depth knowledge of the power, oil and gas industries in South Asia and South East Asia

Core activities Include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Development
  • Management
  • Equity
  • Placement
  • M&A Investments for power and oil and gas industry
  • Project Investments / Capital and Development

The core team of CSP's Energy partners have professionals with many years of sector specific experience and deep understanding of complexities associated with investment making decisions and implementation of power and oil & gas infrastructure sector projects.

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CSP's Engineering partner is a multifaceted professionally managed Project Engineering Company, comprising of highly qualified engineers, Technocrats and accomplished professionals having extensive experience and expertise in executing Turnkey Engineering Projects of diverse nature from concept to commissioning. The Company has well-defined organization structure and procedures for quality control of offered products & services; it has been certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

CSP engineering partner enjoys the status of a 100% Export Oriented Unit conferred on it by the Central Government of the Democratic Republic of India & has presence through its own office, Representative offices or Resident Agent in 30 countries including Afghanistan, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guyana, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Suriname, Trinidad, Yemen, Zambia.

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CSP have in excess of 220 multi-national agencies in over 22 countries in Africa.

We strive to bring the highest quality products to the most under serviced and under supplied parts of Africa. Our offices in the USA, Middle east and Africa includes Europe allowing us to identify, procure and support an extensive portfolio of Medical, Nutritional and Pharmaceutical, requirements to our NGO clientele.

CSP is the partner of choice for Manufacturers who wish to develop their brands in Africa.

Our well developed relationship in government, regulatory agencies and educational institutions coupled with extensive resourcefulness in clinical staff within the hospitals we serve, allows for thorough, well documented and effective field evaluations for new product development.

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Infrastructure Development

CSP Infrastructure Development is engaged in sustainable projects in emerging markets around the world.

Over the years, CSP's Infrastructure Development Division has forged close relationships with other members in the finance and development industry and these include amongst others:

  • Architecture/Planning
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Financial

We support humanitarian, environmental and infrastructure projects by way of funding and joint ventures that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the developing community.

Raising finance for new major developments is always a difficult task. CSP has established associations with professional Fund Managers who have the full understanding and expertise in establishing Development Funds.

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CSP promotes and ingenious solution that will allow the "man on the street" to insure himself and his family for a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance available today.

The enormous increase of medical expenses worldwide has placed African medical schemes and its members under extreme financial pressure. With preventative measures such as limited benefits, levies, savings accounts and managed care options having been implemented by medical schemes, the additional costs involved have meant an increased contribution burden on members without such costs being effectively controlled.

In addition, medical service providers such as doctors, dentists, pathologists, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies have been impacted negatively due to delayed payment from schemes attempting to cope with these additional cost burden implications.

CSP's Insurance partner has risen to this challenge by implementing a Health Protection Plan providing primary care, hospital and funeral benefits at an extremely low rate on a managed healthcare basis.

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Investment Finance

Africa is the final frontier for many investors around the world.

Over 600 million USD already invested In private/ public - projects, in a variety of industries ranging from Bio-diesel, water / canal projects to healthcare and energy.

Our local knowledge and strategic partnerships that enable CSP to assist in the identification of new, highly lucrative, government backed projects for investors.

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CSP's commercial legal partner is an eminent international Law Firm that has a particular expertise in four core sectors:

  • Energy, Transport & Infrastructure
  • Financial Institution
  • Real Estate & Retail Technology
  • Media & Telecoms

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CSP Logistics prides itself on its extensive, well-managed, reliable and secure import/export distribution service to it’s clients. Our capabilities are essential for any project we manage or of those we support.


  • Auditing
  • Warehousing
  • Consolidations - (In or out of bond)
  • Customs Clearance
  • Cold Storage Solutions
  • MHRA Pharmaceutical Licensed warehouse
  • Documentation
  • Storage and Delivery
  • RFID Asset Tracking on demand

CSP Logistics - Cost effective solutions that make a difference

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Project Management

CSP's Project Management partners provide services to the following sectors; Hydrocarbons, Minerals & Metals, Infrastructure and Power.

Our integrated teams of professionals can assist at each stage of a project through environmental monitoring, regulatory and process facilitation, analysis of public policy and legislation, public consultation and mediation, land use planning, marine and aquatic resource planning, and issue analysis and management.

Our strategic approach is based on;

  • Industry Leadership in Health, Safety and Environmental Performance
  • Outstanding Operational and Corporate Performance
  • Focus on Long-Term Contracts, Integrated Service Contracts and Alliances
  • Large and Small Project Delivery
  • Comprehensive Geographic Presence and Capability Identification
  • Integration and Growth of Value-Adding Acquisition

CSP Project Management partners have extensive expertise in related analyses involving capacity building and institutional support, to enable regulatory agencies to review environmental assessments. Other services include social and economic analysis to assess effects of proposals on quality of life, lifestyles, and the cultural, social and economic needs and values of affected communities or individuals, and human health and environmental risk assessment.

Project management process is as follows:

  • Preliminary analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Conceptual Design
  • Execution Strategy
  • Front End Engineering Design
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Asset Services
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrade
  • Decommissioning

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CSP technology partner focuses on delivering biometric card based solutions to the corporate and enterprise government markets locally and aboard.

With the increased need for system integration, corporate and personal identification information, smart card solutions are available for streamlining administration processes.

CSP technology partner designs and implements computerized systems for the production of Identification Documents (ID) that includes information pertaining to an individual, including:

Drivers license
National ID or voter registration documents
Military ID
Passport travel documents
Education and commercial applications

In addition, the implementation of the commodity-based solutions to enable the technology, which includes:

Card Readers
Printers and scanners
Card enrolment solutions
Bureau service for card enrollment

Our vision is to focus on the delivery of credible solutions that are customer focused and built on a business model of collaborative partnerships and creating sustainable industry growth.

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CSP is a majority shareholder of TITAS LTD, a security company based in the United Kingdom who provide specialist City & Guilds accredited training for the Maritime, Close Protection and Aviation Security Industries. 

Our fully equipped bespoke training centres are located in the UK and Poland. The training ranges from executive to hostile environment security including firearms competency. 

We are experts in skills-identification, training, recruitment, continuous professional development (CPD) and placement of qualified, vetted security personnel to the security industry.

Our clients are Diplomatic, Corporate or Individual in nature. Our approach is tailored to optimize our operatives, creating full situational and operational effectiveness. This enables us to provide the best professional resources and expertise to the industry.  

Our operatives are subcontracted to and remunerated by CSP. We provide a variety of short and long term contracts depending on the requirements of clients and projects.

Our established human resources experience of over 20 years, our dedicated management / administration capacity with a Dubai based off-shore payroll service, located at the Maydan, enables CSP to fully support all operatives when operational internationality and at home.  


CSP has partnered with a Cyber Security network of partners who operate from Canada and the United Kingdom, providing a full suite of dedicated specialist and bespoke services to Government, Financial Institutions and corporate markets.

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